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      New Archery Stationary Bag Target Range

The archery stationary target range has been the focus of some overdue improvements recently, primarily due to the efforts of Doug Jones.  Three of the bag targets were replaced last summer and the other three were replaced in May of this year.  There has been some additional work to the targets stands and Doug even hung out some bird houses in hopes of attracting a few mosquito eaters.

he stationary or “bag” target range was designed to help archers who like to set their sight pins for distances all the way out to 60 yards.  The hill behind the 60 yard target helps prevent lost arrows and makes it possible for even beginners to take a chance on long shots.  There is a shooting line with a bow hanger next to it.The bag target range is located next to target five on the 3D range, at the bottom of the hill just off the road headed to the IDPA range. 

Archers are welcome to drive down the hill and park next to the bag target range but four-wheel drive is highly recommended and there is only room for a couple of cars.  Participants might also park next to the archery shed and walk down to the bag target range.
Anyone with questions about the bag target range, the 3D archery range or any other club related archery activities is encouraged to contact Larry Murray at 269-659-6002 (Lost Nation Archery ) or 269-659-6005 (home phone.).


             3D ARCHERY: Arrows In The Air!

The 3D archery targets are back in season!
  Hopefully by the time you read this all nine of the new 3D targets have been positioned on the range, the stakes have been placed and the brush cleared.  The 3D archery range or “woods walk” is open again.

If your bow has been sitting in storage since deer season closed, consider taking it out and walking the course at the club.   If you just love watching arrows fly, you will have a hard time finding a better excuse for shooting than the 3D range.   The course consists of 30 targets placed along the woods walk trail at a variety of distances and in life like poses, simulating hunting conditions. The trail starts just to the east of the archery building which is on the right side of the driveway as you enter the club.   Most of the targets are common north American game, such as deer, bear, and turkeys, but several examples of exotic game exist, especially African animals like a lion, leopard, and a warthog.

The range is open seven days a week to club members and their guests.  There is a self-pay slot in the door of the archery building where you can place your $4 per shooter to cover the cost of targets.  (The cost for non-member guests is $8.)  Score cards are available in a mailbox or if you prefer, shoot the course at your leisure and don’t worry about keeping score.

For more information call the archery activity director, Larry Murray at his work number, 269-659-6002 or home number 269-659-6002.  If you would like to volunteer to maintain the course throughout the summer, give Larry and call and he can fill you in on workdays and projects.

                        Open to the Public

30 Targets

3 Skill levels



April thru September
Every Tuesday - 5:30-9:00pm

First Saturday of the Month - 9:00am to 1:00pm

$8 for non-club members

$4 for club members

MBH members save $1

Check the on-line calendar for any changes!


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