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Archery Range Rules

Archery Range Safety Rules


·        Never dry fire a bow


·        No arrow shall be on the string until an archer is ready to shoot.  This also means:


Ø Never have an arrow on the string if somebody is standing in front of you! 


Ø Never walk the course with an arrow on the string. 


Ø Always wait until you are at the shooting stake before placing your arrow on the string.


·        Shoot from a shooting stake or closer to the target.  Never shoot from beyond the shooting stakes.


·        When pulling arrows, be sure to hang your bow on the bow hanger provided or place it in front of the target.


·        When anyone is pulling arrows, all other participants must allow at least 10’ so as to avoid being injured but the nock end of the arrow as it is being pulled from the target.


·        When looking for an arrow behind the target, be sure to leave your bow in front of the target. 


·        If there is a bow on the hanger or in front of the target, assume there is an archer behind the target looking for a lost arrow.


·        Draw the bow with the arrow level or pointed down and pointed toward the target.  Arrows pointed toward the sky while drawing have a tendency to land well beyond the target.


·        Any targets other than the bag targets and 3D animal targets provided, must be approved by the Archery Activity Director.  This would apply to aerials, moving targets or novelty targets.


·        Target or field points only.  No broadheads are allowed on the archery ranges.


·        All bag targets are designed to accommodate crossbows.  Some of the smaller 3D targets will not stop crossbow bolts.  Please use discretion when shooting the 3D range with a crossbow.


If you find anything damaged on the course, please contact Larry Murray at 269-659-6005 or 269-659-6002.




3D Archery “Self-Serve” Rules


·        The archery range is open to club members and their guests.


·        There is no charge for shooting the practice targets located in the low area south of the archery storage building.


·        There is no charge for shooting the bag target range locate next to 3D target 5.  This range has targets from 10 to 60 yards out.


·        Score cards and envelopes are in the mail box.


·        Before shooting the 3D woods walk range, put your shooting fees in an envelope and place it in the slot in the door.  Shooting fees are as follows:


Ø Club members and youth (9-17) $4 each,


Ø Non member adults $8 each,


Ø Members of Michigan Bow Hunters $1 discount,


Ø Eight and under free.


·        Please only shoot one arrow per 3D target.


You are welcome to keep score, but prizes are only awarded at scheduled shoots.


If you find anything damaged on the course, please contact the Archery Activity Director, Larry Murray at 269-659-6005 or 269-659-6002.




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