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Hidden Valley



The Hidden Valley Cowboys are proud to be affiliated with SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) and the Wolverine Rangers.
Cowboy Action Shooting
We shoot on the third Sunday of each month, from April thru October.  Registration and side shoots start at 8:30 AM.  The Mandatory Safety Meeting starts at 9:45 AM preceding the Main Match.  All times are Michigan time.  Cost $15, lunches($3) will be available after the match and before the awards ceremony.  We will be shooting 5 stages with all SASS categories.   

SASS® membership is NOT required, but all of the SASS® rules and the following
Saint Joseph County Conservation Club rules do apply.  Eye (side shields recommended)
and hearing protection is mandatory for everyone in and around the shooting areas.  Any
accidental or premature discharge of any firearm resulting in a round leaving the
range will result in a stage disqualification.  A second stage disqualification on the
same day shall result in a match disqualification. The maximum size
shot for any shotgun target is No. 7 ½ shot or smaller.  Only lead shot may be used. 
Magnum and high-velocity loads are not allowed.

Visitors and spectators are always welcome. Ear and eye protection are mandatory for visitors as well as shooters.  We do ask that visitors stay back from the firing line and on the road side of the gun carts.  Children are also welcome but must be under the close supervision of a responsible adult and have proper fitting eye and ear protection.

For more information contact:
John Brummett - 269-651-5197
Mike Good          - 269-483-2454

Remember to keep your powder dry and don't squat with your spurs on, partner.

Cowboy Action Shooting will start in April 
( third Sunday of each mo.) through October.
See the Calendar for Dates


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